SMN Statement

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) of which Savannah Educational Consultants are members, are committed to helping families find the most appropriate college for their students and assist families in navigating the application process. Following a comprehensive code of ethics, IECA members are professionals who understand and adhere to high ethical standards in all their interactions with clients and institutions and are compensated by and work exclusively on behalf of their client families.

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Top 10 Tips for Your College Road Trip

How to make the most of your experience on a junior-year campus tour whirlwind

Ah, the campus tour road trip. Pros: get your head all the way in the college-analysis game, effectively compare schools back-to-back, and glean the extra insight from staying overnight in the college towns you hope to one day make your home. Cons? Logistical chaos, sleep deprivation, and the omnipresent threat that all seven schools you tour will eventually blur into a homogeneous sequence of holistic admissions processes and Gothic architecture.

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Comprehensive Assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Establishing an ADHD diagnosis would seem to be a relatively straightforward matter. You simply use whatever means necessary to gather information that allows you to address the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria of ADHD (inattention, distractibility and hyperactivity), and then decide whether ADHD is present or not.

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5 ways to empower your teen!

What are the life skills you are teaching your teenager? Does your teenager know how to: Make a meal? Wake themselves up on time? Do laundry? Pump gas? Help others? Ask for help? Pack their own bag? Grocery shop? Take public transportation? Budget spending? Think about the things you do every day and whether your teenager is able to do these things on his/her own. When you should you teach your child these skills? Now is a good time!

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Business man success in job

Career Development In The Rapidly Changing World

Research shows that the average American spends one third of their lives working. It is worth investing thought and effort into making conscious decisions about how and where to spend this time.  The most common question from individuals who are interested in exploring their career options is, “I want a more fulfilling career. Where do I start?” The best place to start is by considering  the “big picture” of how work fits into the context of their life. Continue reading Career Development In The Rapidly Changing World

anxiety child

Child Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to something stressful or dangerous and is very common in childhood. It is an adaptive process that is a critical part of normal development. Sometimes, anxiety becomes chronic or uncontrollable, and it can interfere with our daily lives. Children worry about so many things. When anxiety is in full-swing, it can be very confusing for not only the child, but also the adults who care about them, causing everyone to feel helpless. One of the most difficult parts about anxiety in children is that it can happen suddenly and without any meaningful, identifiable cause. The good news is that childhood anxiety is very treatable and kids are typically quick to respond to intervention.

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ADHD Medication: Is There Another Way?

Yes, there are effective alternatives to medication for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, according to Laurel Brady, Learning Disabilities Specialist at Savannah Educational Consultants. “Choosing whether or not to medicate children for ADHD is a decision that parents often find difficult to make. While the most effective treatment outcomes result from a combination of medical and behavioral interventions, looking to non-medical treatment options makes sense, especially for younger children.”

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