Oh The Places You’ll Go!


You are going places. You may not know where, but high school will end and then where will you go next? For some, the next place is college, whether for two or four years. Others will take a “gap year” to explore the world or work at a job or serve others. There are those that will become full-time athletes or learn a trade that will lead to a career. Where are you going?

Summer is a good time to explore your interests in a way that demonstrates your passion and willingness to devote time to what matters to you. Demonstrate leadership by doing something that shows yourself and others where your interests lie.

Are you a photographer? Submit your photos to contests and publications. Organize a photography exhibit at your local library and invite other students to participate. Shadow a professional photographer for a day or a week.

Are you an athlete? Volunteer to help coach younger kids or offer individual lessons. Learn about a local inspiring athlete and write an article for your local paper. Organize a fundraiser centered around your favorite sport. Encourage your teammates to work out during the summer by organizing group fitness activities.

Are you an artist? Organize an art auction to raise money for charity. Inquire about getting permission for you and a group of fellow artists to paint a mural on the side of a neglected building or in the hallway of your school. Take an art class outside of school or in a new medium. Offer to do some art projects with a few of your neighbor’s kids.

Do you enjoy reading? Get yourself down to your local library and volunteer with the summer reading program. Start a book group for younger kids. Organize a charity Read-A-Thon. Read a biography or a nonfiction book a historical event and then plan a trip to learn more about the person or event. Set yourself a goal of reading one book each week this summer and blog about them.

Are you interested in learning a new skill such as computer coding, jewelry making or woodworking? Find out where you can take classes. Find ways to earn money to pay for lessons/classes/supplies. Ask someone with the skill whether you can shadow him/her for a day.

Summer is the perfect time to demonstrate your passion to yourself and others by thinking of creative ways to pursue activities based upon your interests.