Living In An Upside Down World: How To Manage Anxiety About The Covid-19 Virus


Millions of families across the country are at home. Schools are closed and parents are working from home. Savannah is not any different, and the uncertainties around the changes in our lives threatens to fill us with anxiety. Many Savannah professionals in the education and counseling fields are working hard to keep people in the community manage this new normal using online resources.

Here are some ways you manage the anxiety amid this pandemic and feel a sense of control.
Know that you are not the only one, only family, only city, only country facing the crisis. Many people will begin to have trouble sleeping, feeling nervous and anxious, and developing a sense of depression and isolation. One of the most important things to remember is that you are not by yourself and that we are all in this together. Being nice to one another and supporting each other will go a long way to stopping off feeling alone in the midst of the crisis.
Try not to immerse yourself in tons of information. Pick a qualified medical source such as your own health department, the CDC, Johns Hopkins, and the like and check their web sites once in the morning and once in the evening. Try to avoid catastrophizing non-medical sources of information about the coronavirus…these will only serve to increase anxiety.
Try to follow healthy habits for exercise and eating. Many forms of exercise, such as walking, will not require close contact with others. Try to avoid the tendency to begin loading up on refined carbohydrate foods and stick with something like the DASH diet. And, keep up a routine. Got to bed at a usual time and arise at a usual time. Meals need to be eaten at normal times. Watch out for too much caffeine and alcohol-these can worsen feelings of anxiety and depression.
Give meditation a serious try. Read online about how to practice meditation and begin to devote 15-20 minutes daily to this practice. It will calm your mind and reinvigorate your supply of energy. There are qualified professionals and life coaches in Savannah who will be providing guided meditation and relaxation procedures online using virtual platforms.
Don’t forget support for your children. There are online academic support services available from organizations in Savannah that can help children complete their online assignments from school as well as helping them manage their anxieties. Other supports that are available and helpful would include help with ADHD and special learning needs.
And lastly try not to talk about it all the time. Find other things to focus upon in your conversations with friends and relatives. This will keep you from just exchanging and amplifying each other’s fears and worries.
Remember: “And this too shall pass!”

March 19, 2020
Stephen L. Watson, Ph.D.
Savannah Educational Consultants
Career Development and Life Coach